is an independent publisher based in Hong Kong, specialised in producing limited edition silkscreen print, artists book and zine. Founded by Onion Peterman in 2018.

POINTS OF REFERENCE by Sum Lok-kei and Onion Peterman
“Points of Reference” is an exploration into the finding and recreating of images. With only two shared parameters in mind - Kowloon City and plants - the two sought to figure out what is the point of developing images based on existing ones. The resulting book features selected images from the two and excerpts from their conversation on the subject matter.
2 books, 68 pages in total/ Double-sided cover
Offset printing and silk screen printing jacket cover
Edition of 200, 2021

TREES IN THE CITIES by Ryuta Abe and Onion Peterman
The artists exchanged photos taken in the city they live in, and created a zine with each other’s photos.
Joint-published by Dry Run Press and Koshigoe School
W16 xH22cm/ 2 books, 64 pages in total/
saddle stitch/ includes two A3 size folded silkscreen print poster/
Hand made paper folder/
limited edition of 20

MAGIC KINGDOM by Kylie Chan and Onion Peterman
A collection of sketches/
Unique cover/ 28pp/
2-colour silkscreen print/
Edition of 100, 2019

A Brief Explanation Of:

a silkscreen printed illustration zine series. Each issue features one artist, explaining a chosen topic in their own way.

Issue 1 Life Buoy
by Sandy Wang
12pp/ 2-colour silkscreen print/
Edition of 90, 2018

Issue 2 Curl Hair Type by Kylie Chan
12pp/ 3-colour silkscreen print/
Edition of 90, 2018

Issue 3 Greek Mythology by Pearl Law
12pp/ 2-colour silkscreen print/
Edition of 90, 2018

Issue 4 Superstition by Charlene Man
12pp/ 2-colour silkscreen print/
Edition of 90, 2019

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