How to draw birds, and other things

Edited by Onion Peterman

Have you ever read a how-to-draw book for children, in which you are given step-by-step guides to draw everything from a dog to a shoe? This is not one of those. In this book, twenty illustrators will show you the many ways to draw the same thing, like a bird, or a phone.

Anran Xu (Grace) /Anusha Meenaz Ali /Chia Wei Ting /Elisa Terranera /Emily Davies /Gaurav Vikalp /Kai /Karina Cooppen /Kathy Lam /Loris Dahmane /Malvina Penati /Michelle Culley /Onion Peterman /Ragavee Balendran /Skye Baker /Sorcha Lynch /Stacy Besco /Tabitha Hall /Vittoria CMP /Ying Zhang /Zhehui Li echooo:D

W12x H20cm/
Riso print and silkscreen print cover/
First edition of 56, 2023


All Images Copyright © 2023 ONION PETERMAN, All Rights Reserved